Senior-Care Conferences are cyclical national and regional events consisting of educational meetings as well as training sessions. Those conferences are addressed to individuals, institutions and entities from all over the country, involved in the activities related to holistic senior care, with particular emphasis on the needs of long-term care facilities. A group of scientists, experts and practitioners cooperating with the Senior-Care Foundation, representing broadly understood gerontology and related fields, share their knowledge and experience with the participants of meetings and training sessions. So far, there have been five such projects, three of which (Senior-Care Conference 2019 in Trzebnica, Senior-Care Conference 2020 in Gdańsk and Senior-Care Conference 2021 in Ciechocinek) were nationwide while two (in Łódź and Brzeg Dolny) were of a regional character. All these events were attended by a total of more than a thousand people – academically and professionally related to the issue of senior care. For the upcoming year 2022, there have been planned three more regional events and one final event – the national Senior-Care 2022 Conference in Wrocław. All such events organized by the Senior-Care Foundation are recommended by the Polish Chamber of Nursing Homes KIDO (www.kido.org.pl) and supported by the National Nursing Homes Registry KRDO (www.krdo.pl). See below for the summary and photos from the conferences.

Conference Senior-Care 2021

Ciechocinek 11-12.06.2021

Conference Senior-Care 2020

Gdańsk 19.09.2020

Conference Senior-Care 2019

Trzebnica 26-27.10.2019

Regional Meeting KIDO DOLNYŚLĄSK 2021

Brzeg Dolny 30.09.2021

Regional Meeting KIDO Łódź 2021

Łódź 15.09.2021